​Commercial roofing takes experience to design and install the best roofing system for your needs. Often, building insulation is included in the roofing system and there are many fastening options. Your Buffalo Roofing Co. representative and our in-house engineers have many years experience in designing and installing commercial roofing systems for all types of buildings, large and small.

And it doesn't stop with our install crews. Commercial roofing requires precise project management to ensure we don't get in the way of your business and complete every job on time and safely. Your dedicated team at Buffalo Roofing Co. works very closely with you to ensure each project meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
Even though most commercial roofing systems are "flat", there's still plenty of safety hazards similar to any construction site. Safe transport and placement of materials is key. Properly marked and monitored safety zones ensure your daily business can operate un-interrupted, while remaining fully protected. Fall protection and edge guarding is properly employed at Buffalo Roofing Co. We know and follow all OSHA Safety regulations, and our own safety instincts everyday to protect ourselves, you, your employees and valuable customers. Safety is always #1 at Buffalo Roofing Co.
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